It all started in 2008 when I taught myself HTML and Photoshop to help out a few musicians. This would lead me on a 7 year stint in the Music Industry, freelancing in Digital Design and working as a Booking Assistant at The Agency Group (NKA United Talent Agency).

On the surface, I was the quintessential Angeleno at every sold-out show howling with the coyotes in the Hollywood Hills. Below the surface, was a passionate student of Mysticism, reading everyone’s Birth Chart, studying Kabbalah’s tree of life, and deciphering Alchemical symbols. In 2015, I was asked to read Tarot for a private event, marking a turning point in my career.

Having experience in Digital Design, I had the skills I needed to jumpstart my very own spiritual wellness brand: Helen Miamii Moon. Over the years as a Tarot Reader, I’ve collaborated with notable brands, toured the country, created creative content, and even crowd funded my own tarot deck.

In developing my own brand, it garnered attention from other wellness leaders who needed help elevating their digital presence too. This was the birth of Abrabinah Design House.

My projects were getting more complex and I was finding that the WYSIWYG design approach was not going to suffice. So, I learned CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Being succesful at programming gave me a new passion, leading me to expand my skills with React and really anything else that would help me be better at coding and developing web apps.

Like many, 2020 hit pause on a lot of my plans, giving me an opportunity to dive into the Ether in a way I previously didn’t have time for. Now, I offer Brand Design and Full-Stack Web Dev services to bring life to innovative ideas.


Spliced from two ancient dialects meaning: I will create through feminine reasoning. Abrabinah Design House is the business name for design and web services provided by Helen Miamii.