Two ancient dialects create the word ABRABINAH. ABRA (from Abracadabra), is an Aramaic word that means: I will create. BINAH, is a sephirot in Qabbalah’s tree of life that means: feminine reasoning. Together they mean: I will create through feminine reasoning. The feminine reasoning is pretty much your intuition, maternal instincts, divine feminine flow, or gut feeling.

ABRABINAH TAROT is a way to strengthen your connection to your feminine reasoning. Using that flow to help you take control of your reality and/or create your reality the way that you want it be. This creates a nice balance between spirituality and everyday reality. You’ll find this deck is a little less woo and a bit more grounded all from it’s modern minimalist facelift. 

ABRABINAH is based in Los Angeles and was founded by Helen Miamii Moon (formerly Helen Schmidt). For many years Helen was a student of Mysticism. She finally found her mystical niche in 2015 as a Tarot Reader. Her journey has allowed her to work with brands like Lighting in a Bottle, Oh Holisticism, Savoir Agency, Vitrutvi, Teva, Outdoor Voices, Buzzfeed, and Wanderlust.